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Like the updated AW-500, the AWG-M520 is based on the first analog-digital G-Shock from 1989 and includes more advanced features like Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio wave time syncing, and world time. Unlike the AW-500, the AWG-M520 has a double LED light which illuminates both the dial and LCD display.


Multi-Band 6

Japan MSRP (AWG-M520-1AJF): ¥25,300

(AWG-M520 series was not released in the U.S.)

Size: Medium
Dimensions (L x W x H): 55.2 x 47.7 x 15.3 mm
Weight:  55 grams
Module: 5640 (instruction manual at casio.com)
Battery Type (Lifespan): Solar Rechargeable
Series Launch Year: 2021

Notable Features: Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, World Time

See full specifications for AWG-M520 under “Additional information” tab above.

Pros: More features than AW-500, including solar power, automatic radio time adjustment, world time, countdown timer, and dual LED light.

Cons: LCD display is small. The series has been limited to Japan and China.

Suggested Uses: Retro Style, Streetwear, Travel

AWG-M520-1AJF on Amazon AWG-M520 on eBay
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

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AWG-M520-1AJF on Amazon AWG-M520 on eBay
(Affiliate Links: We may earn a commission at Amazon, eBay, and Reeds Jewelers.)

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Specification: G-SHOCK AWG-M520


Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

55.2 x 47.7 x 15.3

Weight (g)




Case Material

Bezel Material

Band Material





Tough Solar

Battery Level Indicator

Battery Level Indicator

Power Saving

Power Save

Multi-Band 6 (Auto Time Correction)

World Time


World Time Zones


World Time Cities

48 + UTC

Daylight Saving Time


Stopwatch Unit

Stopwatch Max Range

Measuring Modes

elapsed time, split time

Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Unit

1 second

Countdown Range

Countdown Setting Range

Countdown Setting Increment (Lowest)

1 second


Hourly Time Signal

Hourly Time Signal

Light Type

, , , ,

Light Color



Full Auto Calendar to 2099

Button Tone On/Off

Button Tone On/Off

Hand Shift

Hand Shift

12/24-Hour Format

12/24-Hour Format

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