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Please note the following:

1. The Specifications Catalog is for informational purposes only and is maintained by G-Central, an independent fan site. We do not sell any watches and we are not operated by Casio.

2. The catalog is intended as a shopping supplement to help buyers research and compare different G-Shock series and browse new releases. The catalog is not meant to be a complete archive of every G-Shock series or model ever made, but we will continue to add images and links for new releases. Some discontinued or Japan-only series may not be listed. (The catalog is a work in progress and more series may be added later. We aim to list all active series in the U.S. as well as popular import series.) If a series has used multiple (updated) modules, our specs will reflect the most current module. Prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. Series without a price in dollars are import-only or discontinued, or may be a series that is typically used for limited edition releases without a current release. Series without a U.S. price may have not been released in the U.S. yet but may be coming soon. Some series and models listed may not be available in the U.S. and other countries, and some series with prices listed may be discontinued. Some models listed in the galleries may not be available in all countries, and new models may be pending release.

3. The price and specifications are for the individual model pictured or stated in the series description. The prices and specifications may vary in a series depending on the individual model. Examples of specifications that may differ within a series include material type, weight, and Neobrite lume. Models with different materials, special surface treatments, and limited editions may have a higher price.

4. For more in-depth information about a series and all of its functions, follow the module link to view the official instruction manual from Casio.

5. The size (S, M, L) categorization is based on the overall look and feel of the watch and is not necessarily based on strict measurement thresholds. We generally categorize G-Shock watches that are over 50 millimeters wide as “large” and under 50 millimeters as “medium,” but this may not always be the case.

6. In the case of discrepancies between our specs and the Casio G-Shock site, we suggest also looking at the “Specifications” section at the end of the instruction manual. We have noticed some errors on the official Casio website (ever since they switched to a new system away from g-shock.jp and casio-intl.com), and we often base our specifications on those found in the instruction manual.

7. Please contact us if you notice any errors or problems. We appreciate the time and effort taken to notify us.

8. Specifications are subject to change.

About Our Ratings:

The ratings for each series are evaluated in comparison to other G-Shock series. Our overall ratings are based on a combination of three factors.

Build: Includes the materials used, structure, and overall design of the watch. A series with the same materials as another may receive a higher score if it is a classic or popular design, or if we feel the design is especially attractive.

Functions: Includes the overall features and functions of the watch.

Value: Based on the build quality, design, features, and functions available in relation to the price. If a certain series or model can regularly be found at a discounted price, we may take the discounted price into consideration over the list price.

Ratings are subjective and are subject to change.

Feel free to leave your own rating and review under the “Reviews” tab for each series.

Product Feature Icon Legend

5 Year Battery 5-Year Battery

7 Year Battery 7-Year Battery

10 Year Battery 10-Year Battery

Metal Case Metal Screw-Back Case (Stainless Steel or Titanium)

Tough Solar, also solar-assisted charging (non-Tough Solar) for series like GBD-H1000

Multi-Band 6 Multi-Band 6 automatic time correction via radio signal reception, with transmitters in North America, Europe, China, and Japan (2). See approximate ranges at gshock.casio.com.

Bluetooth Bluetooth


Altimeter Altimeter

Barometer Barometer

Water Depth Meter Water Depth Meter

Compass Compass

Thermometer Thermometer

Step Counter Step Counter

Tide Graph Tide Graph

Moon Data Moon Data

Mud and Dust Resistant Mud and Dust Resistant

Sunrise & Sunset TIme Sunrise & Sunset Time

Vibration Vibration (on watch, not phone)

Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi

Wear OS Wear OS

Made in Japan Made in Japan

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