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Watch Geek 100K Subscribers Giveaway with 3 G-Shock Prizes

Apologies for missing Watch Geek’s giveaway video for his 100,000 subscriber milestone. We were actually looking for it a few weeks ago and somehow missed it after it was published. The first prize was a G-Shock GST-B200, which has already been won by someone. Fortunately, it is a multipart giveaway with three prizes, and there is still a chance to win a DW-5600 or Gulfman G-9100.

To enter the drawing for stage two, view the second giveaway video and subscribe, like, and leave a comment. The contest is open to all countries. Watch Geek has been having problems with scammers trying to take advantage of his viewers (which is a big problem all over YouTube), so please be sure to watch the whole video and read the full description for all the instructions on how to enter and claim the prize if you win.

Watch Geek often covers G-Shock watches and has many useful tutorial videos that cover all the functions of many popular G-Shock models. Congratulations on reaching 100,000 subscribers!


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