Watch Geek installs lume mods (hour markers and hands) for G-Shock GA-2100

G-Shock GA-2100 Hour Markers Lume Mod

G-Shock enthusiast Watch Geek published a video about a GA-2100 watch that he modded with custom lume hour markers and analog hands from SKXMOD. The fact that GA-2100 models have large hour markers but no lume on them is a common complaint, and replacing them is a popular modification. Doing so is not as difficult as it may seem, as the hour markers are actually a single part piece. Changing the hands seems more daunting, and it would be interesting to see how this is done. (There are other videos showing this on YouTube, and it looks simple yet still daunting.)


It would also be interesting to see how the lume of the custom hands compares in duration to the stock hands. Some people complain about the lume on affordable analog-digital G-Shock series like the GA-2100 not lasting very long. This doesn’t apply to all G-Shock watches, as more expensive series like the Master of G series are said to have better lume. (It should also be noted that the hands on the best-selling blackout GA-2100-1A1 model have less effective lume than other GA-2100 models.)

Watch Geek also talks about why he likes the GA-2100 and its connection to the original DW-5000 series. Another recent Watch Geek video is about full metal mod kits for the GA-2100 and GMA-S2100. The Gen. 6 mod kits from SKXMOD are notable for replacing not only the bezel and band but also the case and case back and being thinner than the stock GA-2100. SKXMOD also sells completed builds that include the G-Shock watch module (but only for the full metal mods and not lighter mods like just lume) as well as mods for retro Casio series like the A168 and AW-1200. Completed builds will take a few weeks to assemble, and SKXMOD products are shipped from China.


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