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Make your Apple Watch look like a G-Shock with Amband cases

Amband M3 Apple Watch Case Resembles G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000

There are a lot of rugged cases available for the Apple Watch and we usually don’t feature non-Casio products here, but the Amband M3 and Moving Fortress Pro cases caught our eye with their obvious resemblance to the G-Shock GWG-1000 Mudmaster and full metal GMW-B5000.

Amband M3 Apple Watch Case Parts

The M3 case does a good job of mimicking some of the GWG-1000 characteristics such as the front screws, bezel bumper guards, and button style, but we would take the “Vibe Resist” and “Mud Resist” labels with a grain of salt. The case comes with a band and is available in black and green like the GWG-1000-1A3 or in full black. The shape, texture, and structure of the band also resembles the GWG-1000 with a double-tongue buckle, but it does not have a stainless steel band keeper. The front button appears to be nonfunctional. There are also free custom watch faces available at amband.com, including one that resembles the GWG-1000.

You might expect a case like this to be not the greatest in quality, but it actually has a 4.6-star average rating on Amazon with over 5,000 user reviews. (This review average and total appear to be combined with the Moving Fortress Pro and Moving Fortress Classic models.)

Amband M3 Apple Watch Case Angle

M3 at Amband.com

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The stainless steel Moving Fortress Pro case and band resembles the full metal G-Shock GMW-B5000. It offers a raised bezel and a folding clasp band. The front section of the bezel has a brushed finish like the GMW-B5000D-1 and the band has the signature dimples on the links. Aside from the G-Shock resemblance, this is a good case to give an Apple Watch a dressier appearance, much like the GMW-B5000 is a dressier version of the 5600 series. The Moving Fortress Pro case is available in silver or black. There is also a Moving Fortress Classic series with a stainless steel bezel and TPU band.

Amband Moving Fortress Pro Stainless Steel Apple Watch Case resembles G-Shock GMW-B5000

Moving Fortress Pro Case at Amband.com

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Amband Moving Fortress Pro Apple Watch Case Back

The M3 and Moving Fortress Pro cases are available for size 44mm and 45mm Apple Watches. There is also a Moving Fortress Sport case that resembles the resin G-Shock DW-5600, which is also available in smaller women’s sizes.

Amband Moving Fortress Sport Apple Watch Case Resembles G-Shock DW-5600

Moving Fortress Sport Case at Amband.com

Moving Fortress Sport Case (Female) at Amband.com

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We don’t doubt that these rugged cases offer additional and possibly substantial protection for Apple Watches, but we would not expect them to be able to handle the same amount of punishment as a G-Shock.

In other recent Apple Watch news, Apple is going to stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models in the United States (starting Thursday online and December 24 in stores) due to patent issues.


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