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3 New Quad Sensor Gulfmasters: GWN-Q1000A-2A, GWN-Q1000GB-1A, GWN-Q1000MCA-1B

G-Shock Gulfmaster GWN-Q1000A-2AJF GWN-Q1000GB-1AJF GWN-Q1000MCA-1BJF

March 2018 – G-Shock Japan is releasing three new G-Shock GWN-Q1000 Gulfmaster watches featuring the Quad Sensor. These models include the blue GWN-Q1000A-2AJF (left), black and gold GWN-Q1000GB-1AJF (middle), and black and silver GWN-Q1000MCA-1BJF (right) with composite band.

The GWN-Q1000 series is one of the most advanced G-Shock watches available and features Tough Solar power, Mutli-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping, and the Quad Sensor, which includes a pressure sensor (altimeter and barometer), compass, thermometer, and water depth meter. The GWN-Q1000 series is the only G-Shock other than the Frogman GWF-D1000 with a depth gauge. It also has a tide graph, moon age data, and sunrise and sunset time.

G-Shock GWN-Q1000A-2A

The GWN-Q1000A-2AJF has a blue bezel, black IP bezel ring, and blue bands. List price is ¥78,000 JPY.

G-Shock GWN-Q1000A-2A Gulfmaster

GWN-Q1000A-2AJF on eBay

G-Shock GWN-Q1000GB-1A

The GWN-Q1000GB-1AJF has a black bezel, gold IP bezel ring, and black bands. List price is ¥83,000 JPY.

G-Shock GWN-Q1000GB-1A Gulfmaster

GWN-Q1000GB-1AJF on Amazon GWN-Q1000GB-1AJF on eBay

G-Shock GWN-Q1000MCA-1B Gulfmaster

The GWN-Q1000MCA-1BJF has a black bezel, silver bezel ring, and black bands. This model has a composite band made of stainless steel and resin that is micro-adjustable without tools up to 31 millimeters, a feature previously seen in the GWN-Q1000MC-1A and GWN-Q1000MC-1A2. List price is ¥105,000 JPY.

G-Shock GWN-Q1000MCA-1B Gulfmaster

GWN-Q1000MCA-1BJF on Amazon GWN-Q1000MCA-1BJF on eBay

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