Coca-Cola and G-Shock collaborative watches (DW5600CC23-4 & DW6900CC23-3) are now available

Coca-Cola x G-Shock Collaboration 2023 U.S.A.: DW5600CC23-4, DW6900CC23-3

The Coca-Cola and G-Shock collaboration includes two models: the red DW5600CC23-4 ($160) with an inverted and red-tinted LCD display and the translucent green DW6900CC23-3 ($160) with a positive LCD display. The watches are now available for purchase in the U.S. and are not being sold by contest. Both models have a white face with a red Coca-Cola logo. The DW5600CC23-4 has a white Coca-Cola logo printed on the upper band, and the DW6900CC23-3 has the logo printed on the band keeper. Both models have an engraved Coca-Cola bottle cap design on the stainless steel case back, and the DW6900CC23-3 displays a bottle on the EL backlight.

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Coca-Cola x G-Shock DW5600CC23-4

Coca-Cola x G-Shock DW5600CC23-4

G-Shock DW5600CC23-4 Band

G-Shock DW5600CC23-4 EL Backlight

G-Shock DW5600CC23-4 Case Back

G-Shock DW5600CC23-4 Box

Coca-Cola x G-Shock DW6900CC23-3

Coca-Cola x G-Shock DW6900CC23-3

G-Shock DW6900CC23-3 Band

G-Shock DW6900CC23-3 EL Backlight

G-Shock DW6900CC23-3 Case Back

G-Shock DW6900CC23-3 Box

Original Post:

G-Shock U.S. teased an upcoming collaboration with iconic soda brand Coca-Cola that will be released on August 10, 2023. The teaser posts on social media included an image of the iconic white stripe on a red background. It’s not known what the base G-Shock model is, and no other details were given other than the release date. The last two U.S. collaborations (with Oneness and NASA) ended up selling out at the Casio website, so it might be best to act quickly on this one. It’s not yet known if this watch will be sold by a drawing contest like the last NASA release, but it seems likely.

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