DW-5000 and DW-001 T-shirts in G-Shock Products’ Icon Summer Collection

G-Shock Products Icon Summer Collection 2023

Japan’s G-Shock Products has released two new T-shirts featuring images of G-Shock watches, which is a departure from most of the brand’s fashion items that are meant to complement G-Shock watches rather than feature them in the design.

The two Iconic Model T-shirts include a white shirt with an image of a DW-5000-1JF on the back and a black shirt with an image of a DW-001J-9 on the back. The images overlap text that reads “Gravity Shock Protection,” and below is a G-Shock Products logo.

G-Shock Products DW-5000 T-Shirt

G-Shock Products DW-001 T-Shirt

There is also a Luminous Logo T-shirt available in black or white and featuring “Gravity Shock Protection” and the G-Shock Products logo on the back in a phosphorescent print. The teal color of the print is inspired by the EL backlight from classic models like the DW-5600 and DW-6900.

G-Shock Products Luminous Logo T-Shirt

The summer collection will be available on July 7, with shipping available to Japan only. The shirts will be available available in M, L, and XL sizes for 6,600 yen each. Other items in the collection include 6Pocket Nylon Baggy Shorts, Nylon Jungle Hat, and a 20-ounce wide mouth bottle and 12-ounce tumbler by Miir.

G-Shock Products Icon Summer Collection at gshock.casio.com/jp

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11 months ago

Sorry to be that guy but the image of the DW-5000C-1A shirt the watch featured is not that. Model looks to be the DW-5000-1JF from 2001. Differences are that the 1983 DW-5000C-1A does not have illuminator on face and light button is on bottom right not top right. Also bezel is that of the later 5000 5600 models

11 months ago

The model on the shirt is not a DW-5000C-1A but the DW-5000-1JF from 2001 as the face says illuminator on it and the light activation button is at the bottom right not top right.

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