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Lifestyle goods by “G-Shock Products” coming soon

G-Shock Products is launching the Denim Collection soon.

G-Shock Products

G-Shock’s plans to sell lifestyle goods starting in April 2022 was previously revealed in a financial results briefing last year. Though Casio has remained quiet about it this year, it appears that such goods are on the way, as G-Shock posted a teaser video on Instagram for the Denim Collection from “G-Shock Products.” The video shows a denim shirt jacket and pants, with the jacket sleeve having a buttoned “watch window flap” and a “G” patch logo near the waist. The items are described as “G-SHOCK Produced Denim Wear.” The video was posted by the G-Shock Japan account, and it’s uncertain if these products will be sold outside of Japan.

While we were expecting to see clothing products, the Denim Collection is somewhat of a surprise, as we expected the usual branding of pre-existing products like we’ve seen with promotional items, and we were not fully expecting G-Shock to create new and unique products like this.

Update: G-Shock Products has partnered with Japanese fashion brand Beams to create original products, and collaboration items with other brands and people are also planned. The Denim Collection is made of Cordura fabric and also includes heavyweight black and white t-shirts with a “G” logo stitched on the pocket. The tax-included prices are 29,700 yen for the trucker jacket, 19,800 yen for the jeans, and 7,700 yen for the t-shirt. Items will be available in small, medium, and large sizes. The jacket and jeans will go on pre-sale at the Casio online store in Japan on April 11 at 12:00, and the t-shirts will go on pre-sale on May 12 at 12:00.

G-Shock Products at gshock.casio.com/jp (Japanese)

G-Shock Products Denim Collection

G-Shock Products Denim Shirt Jacket with Watch Opening

G-Shock Products Denim Jacket G Logo

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Joakim Ågren
Joakim Ågren
2 years ago

Nah I am not a fan of this. It just looks like Any other jeans jacket. Nothing extra cool about it. The branding is just too understated with this One. Also THE watch flap thing is just crude and unsophisticated and have been done before. It would be way cooler IF they would have put a round and raised peek window made put of plastic. This way no need to have a flap and THE watch would Always be visible.

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