FTP x G-Shock DW5600 with Two Bands and Utility Box Case

FTP G-Shock DW5600 Case

Los Angeles streetwear brand FTP released a G-Shock DW5600 collaboration watch on November 27. The watch has a retail price of $180 and includes a special utility box case, a second band, and a branded tool for changing the band. We regretfully missed this launch and it is now sold out, but you can find it on eBay if you’re willing to pay more. The watch has a blackout stealth style with FTP logos covering the face and bands. The logo also appears engraved on the stainless steel case back.

(We were later informed by the distributor that FTP did not want the watch to be publicized by others before launch.)

FTP x G-Shock DW5600 at FTP

FTP x G-Shock DW5600 with second band and special case

FTP G-Shock Box

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