G-Shock CN Pink Series box sets include Wilson basketball, Sixty-Six skateboard, bike helmet

G-Shock Pink Series DW-5610SL and GA-2110SL Box Sets with basketball, skateboard, bike helmet

Although these gift box sets from G-Shock China will be out of reach for many, perhaps some of the most dedicated collectors will find a way to obtain these unique items. While the individual DW-5610SL and GA-2110SL watches from the upcoming Pink Series will include a kicking shuttlecock in China, they will also be available as part of three box sets that include a piece of sporting equipment and exclusive packaging.

The DW-5610SL-4A4PFS set includes a G-Shock-branded pink skateboard from Sixty-Six and retails for 1,790 yuan (around $260).

G-Shock DW-5610SL-4A4PFS with Sixty-Six Skateboard

G-Shock Sixty-Six Skateboard

The dark pink GA-2110SL-4A4PFW set includes a Wilson basketball with a G-Shock logo and retails for 1,290 yuan (around $188). (G-Shock basketballs were previously available in a Singaporean giveaway in 2022, which appear to be different than the Wilson basketball in this set.) Wilson has been the official supplier of basketballs to the NBA since 2021.

G-Shock GA-2110SL-4A4PFW with Wilson Basketball

G-Shock Wilson Basketball

The light pink GA-2110SL-4A7PFG set includes a pink bicycle helmet and retails for 1,290 yuan.

G-Shock GA-2110SL-4A4PFW with Bike Helmet

G-Shock Bicycle Helmet

These box sets are not expected to be available outside of China, but the individual watches will probably get a wider release.

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