Blue and White Porcelain G-Shock Series inspired by traditional Chinese ceramics

G-Shock Blue and White Porcelain Series: DW-5600BWP-2PFQ GA-110BWP-2APFQ GA-700BWP-2APFQ GA-2100BWP-2APFQ

G-Shock China unveiled an upcoming series inspired by blue and white porcelain ceramics from traditional Chinese culture and the city of Jingdezhen, known as the “Porcelain Capital.” Each watch has a whitish blue dial or face and a blue bezel and band mix-molded with white. This molding process produces completely unique markings and swirls of color on each watch. The DW-5600 model also has an intricate blue dragon design on the face. Each watch has a silver stainless steel band keeper, which is an upgrade over the standard resin keeper. An exclusive “G-FAMILY” doll figure with a skateboard on its back was also created to be included as part of a gift box set for each watch.


It’s currently unknown if any of these watches will be released outside of China. There have been some G-Shock watches that were first released in China and later released in other countries, so there is some hope.

Update: G-Shock China also released the DW-5600BWP-2PFS, a box set. This collaboration with Subcrew includes a DW-5600BWP-2 watch, a limited skateboard deck, and wheels.

Update 2: Based on a Facebook post from the international G-Shock account, the series is expected to be released outside of China.

G-Shock DW-5600BWP-2: Mid-size digital. China model DW-5600BWP-2PFQ is 1,090 yuan.

G-Shock DW-5600BWP-2

G-Shock DW-5600BWP-2 Blue and White Porcelain

G-Shock GA-110BWP-2A: Large analog-digital. China model GA-110BWP-2APFQ is 1,290 yuan.

G-Shock GA-110BWP-2A

G-Shock GA-110BWP-2A Blue and White Porcelain

G-Shock GA-700BWP-2A: Extra-large analog-digital. China model GA-700BWP-2APFQ is 1,190 yuan.

G-Shock GA-700BWP-2A

G-Shock GA-700BWP-2A Blue and White Porcelain

G-Shock GA-2100BWP-2A: Mid-size analog-digital. China model GA-2100BWP-2APFQ 1,190 yuan.

G-Shock GA-2100BWP-2A

G-Shock GA-2100BWP-2A Blue and White Porcelain

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