G-Shock DW-5600DE, GA-100DE, GA-700DE Denim + Baby-G

G-Shock Denim DW-5600DE-2JF GA-100DE-2AJF  GA-700DE-2AJF Baby-G BGD-560DE-2JF BA-110DE-2A1JF  BA-110DE-2A2JF

G-Shock Japan announced three new denim-style watches for July along with three matching Baby-G watches as part of the DE Denim Series. A similar denim pattern was seen on last year’s DC Denim Series and this year’s series adds some new shades and models into the mix. The series includes the first GA-100, GA-700, and BGD-560 models available with a denim color print.

G-Shock DW-5600DE-2JF: The classic square model gets a blue denim treatment with a clean dark face and a positive LCD display. List price is ¥15,000 JPY. Also released in the U.S. as the DW5600DE-2.

G-Shock DW-5600DE-2

G-Shock GA-100DE-2AJF: The large-case analog-digital model gets a light blue denim treatment with silver markers and blue, white-tipped hands. List price is ¥17,500 JPY.

G-Shock GA-100DE-2A

G-Shock GA-700DE-2AJF: The large analog-digital with front light button gets a dark blue denim treatment with rose gold markers and hands. List price is ¥19,000 JPY.

G-Shock GA-700DE-2A

Baby-G BGD-560DE-2JF: A smaller Baby-G version of the G-Shock DW-5600 featuring 200-meter water resistance, blue denim color. List price is ¥13,000 JPY. Casio America also announced the BGD560DE-2.

Baby-G GA-700DE-2A

Baby-G BA-110DE-2A2JF: A smaller version of the G-Shock GA-110, light blue denim color with white markers and blue accents. List price is ¥18,500 JPY.

Baby-G GA-A-110DE-2A2JF

Baby-G BA-110DE-2A1JF: A smaller version of the G-Shock GA-110, dark blue denim color with rose gold markers and hands. List price is ¥18,500 JPY.

Baby-G BA-110DE-2A1

Casio G-Shock and Baby-G DE Denim Series

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