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G-Shock GA-110DC and Baby-G BA-110DC Denim Series

GA110DC-1A GA110DC-2A GA110DC-2A7 G-Shock GA-110 Denim Series

G-Shock Australia has provided an early sneak peak of some February releases. Continuing along the lines of fabric-like textured colors such as the Heathered Series is the new GA-110DC Denim Series. The GA-110DC-1A resembles black denim and has a reverse LCD display, dark blue face and black markers. The GA-110DC-2A resembles blue denim and has a standard LCD display, blue face, and silver markers. The GA-110DC-2A7 resembles light blue denim and has a standard LCD display, white face, and silver markers. Suggested retail price is $329 AUD.

Update: G-Shock USA released the light blue GA110DC-2A7 model with a list price of $160. It appears the dark blue and black colors are not getting a North American release.

Update: G-Shock Japan announced the GA-110DC-1A, GA-110DC-2A, and GA-110DC-2A7 for February 2016, as well as the DW-5600DC Denim Series seen below. G-Shock USA released the blue DW5600DC-2 with a list price of $120 but not the black denim model.

G-Shock DW-5600DC-1 and DW-5600DC-2 Denim Color Series

G-Shock Japan also announced a matching Baby-G BA-110DC series with the same colors as the GA-110DC models. They are the BA-110DC-2A1JF (black), BA-110DC-2A2JF (blue), BA-110DC-2A3JF (light blue). These are the first Baby-G releases of 2016.

Baby-G BA-110DC-2A1 BA-110DC-2A2 BA-110DC-2A3 Denim Color

Sources: gshock.shriro.com.au, casio.jp

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