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G-Shock Hunting in Tokyo with G-Shock High Fashion

gshock highfashion

G-Shock High Fashion (aka gshock highfashion) is an elite-level G-Shock collector based in Tokyo, Japan with one of the best G-Shock channels on Youtube. Along with showcasing rare and hard to find limited edition G-Shock watches, what’s great about the videos is that he’s starting to show more of his surroundings in Japan. This G-Shock x New Era video shows the store he bought it at as well as some nice exterior shots as he makes his way home. His latest GWF-1000 Frogman video shows the watch traveling the streets of Tokyo. This kind of footage adds a unique cultural element and adds a bit of a travelogue to the usual collector video. His “Hunting for G-Shock FROGMAN in Tokyo” video (pictured above) is a great video that shows him searching for a GWF-1000 Frogman. You can feel the anticipation and excitement as he visits various G-Shock retailers.

Visit G-Shock High Fashion here at Youtube and on Instagram.

Hunting for G-Shock FROGMAN in Tokyo by gshock highfashion:

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8 years ago

Good evening.
Did you judge exhibited “FROGMAN Serial No.001/300” by 14,000,000 yen?
An exhibition person is hoping for dealings for more than 15,000,000 yen.

7 years ago

Can i know where did u go in japan to see G-shock. Am travelling end of the month and would like to know where to hunt for g-shock .

Thanks :)

7 years ago
Reply to  Kelvin

You can go to the official G-Shock stores. https://g-shock.jp/shop/ Also many department stores and electronics stores have G-Shock watches. I saw a lot of G-Shocks at BIC Camera. https://www.biccamera.co.jp.e.lj.hp.transer.com/shoplist/index.html

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