G-Shock GA-2000 Video Review Roundup

The GA-2000 series is getting a lot of attention lately as a fresh new look for G-Shock and its most affordable Carbon Core Guard model. The Carbon Core Guard represents a technological as well as a stylistic advancement for G-Shock, as the new carbon fiber reinforced structure is lighter and stronger and allows for smaller sizes and sleeker styles with its advanced shock resistance. Despite the departure from the traditional G-Shock style, the reactions online to these new models have been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve gathered the best video reviews for the GA-2000 that you can watch below.

Some highlights from the videos that stood out to us: The blue-accented GA-2000-1A2 and yellow-accented GA-2000-1A9 have hollowed-out analog hands (a.k.a. skeleton hands) with a vividly colored border that are much more apparent in the videos than in some photos. This gives these models a sort of futuristic style but at the cost have having no lume. The other models do have solid hands with a luminescent coating (as seen in the Gshock Highfashion video after he activates the LED lights). It’s nice to see the quick-release levers on the the GA-2000’s bands. With a large selection of aftermarket quick release bands already available, this was a great decision by Casio. Also, the dual-layer case back with the curved resin outer back looks extremely sturdy and comfortable.

G-Shock GA-2000 Video Reviews:

Gshock Highfashion: This review gives us a look at the limited edition GA-2000E-4 and includes shots of the watch with all three of its included bands installed. GHF’s main criticism is the lack of the “auto light” feature which activates the LED lights with a turn of the wrist. It’s not a big deal for people who never use that feature but those who do should take note of that. He also says that the watch is good for skinny wrists, especially with the cloth band. He is also able to remove the bands by using his fingernail, though some people may need to use a key or small tool. For those who want to see more about how the watch is assembled, GHF also has an interesting teardown video.

Richard Perrett Watchmaker: Here’s an in-depth GA-2000 review from someone you wouldn’t expect to review a G-Shock watch and he actually has high praise for it. He notes that the dial and subdial layout is efficient and combines a modern 3D style with traditional watch design elements. Some criticisms include how the counterbalance of the minute hand covers up some of the hour hand (especially when the hands are at 180 degrees) and the readability of the reverse LCD displays. He also praises the case, pushers, and strap, and goes through the functions of the watch. In the end, he gives scores for specific categories, and some notable ones are the case (9/10), features (9), water resistance (10), and value for money (9). Though the “looks and versatility” score brings down the overall score a little, he gives the watch a “resounding endorsement.”

Watch Review: This brief video review provides some nice close-up shots. The host also shows some wrist shots on his 17-centimeter (6.7-inch) wrist.

TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces: This review gives a quick rundown on the watch’s functions. TimeToGo also compares the GA-2000 to the mid-size GW-M5610 side-by-side in a separate unboxing video and you can see that the GA-2000 is a bit larger but not dramatically so. He says that the GA-2000 is manageable when it comes to getting it through jacket sleeves unlike some of his larger G-Shock watches. TTG also swaps the stock band with an aftermarket Barton band, showing that the GA-2000 plays nicely with (24 mm) quick release bands from other manufacturers. His only criticism is the legibility of the small, reverse LCD displays.

Maverick Watch Reviews: MWR runs through features and function of the GA-200 and praises the style including the 3D markers and the case. He also praises the knurled pushers and says they have the right amount of pressure. One of his criticisms is the use of negative LCD displays (which all GA-2000 models currently have but an upcoming white model, and probably some others in the future, will have positive LCD displays). His other criticism is the lack of Tough Solar power and not wanting to have to open up the watch to replace the battery. (In Richard Perrett’s reveiw and Gshock Highfashion’s teardown video linked to above, you will see that replacing the battery on the GA-2000 is similar to previous G-Shock models but perhaps best left to an authorized service center.)

Watch Geek: Watch Geek touches upon the history of the materials used by G-Shock before discussing the structure and features of the watch. He says that the guardless buttons are easier to use than other G-Shock models and goes through the functions of the watch, pointing out that the countdown timer can be set to the second (rather than to only the minute like some other new G-Shock models). Watch Geek’s overall view of the GA-2000 is positive but he does have some criticisms such as the LED light, the “fake” front screws, and the resin (rather than stainless steel) buckle.

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Watch Geek
Watch Geek
3 years ago

It’s coming, It’s coming 🙂

3 years ago

I’m wearing one of these right now, with the orange band (more orange than red btw). It feels awesome. What no one has talked about which I love is the size. I have a smaller wrist and it’s a bit sleeker than some of the massive G-Shock offerings. It feels super light.

Suda Nim
Suda Nim
3 years ago

I can’t decide what color to get!

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