G-Shock GA-2100 Video Review Roundup

The G-Shock GA-2100 has firmly established itself as the new model of the year. Proving that the Carbon Core Guard can also be used for retro-inspired designs, the GA-2100 pays homage to the original G-Shock DW-5000 with its boxy, octagonal bezel while bringing some new things to the table. The GA-2100 is the slimmest current G-Shock and is even slimmer than the DW-5600 and GW-M5610. The LCD display is backlit by the LED (like the GA-2000), making it superior to the LCD lighting on GA-1XX models. It has quick-release straps, opening up the possibilities for multi-strap box sets and aftermarket options. The GA-2100 has the functional simplicity and rugged good looks of a classic G-Shock.

(Unfortunately, the black models appear to be sold out everywhere and are difficult, if not impossible, to find for list price. G-Shock is releasing three more GA-2100 models in November 2019, but these colors will not have the mass appeal of the black ones, and it’s uncertain if all of them will be released worldwide. Some may have to wait until the new year to enjoy the GA-2100 at a reasonable price, but at least we can be certain that there will be more models to choose from in the future.)

Here’s a roundup of our favorite GA-2100 video reviews:

Watch Geek examines what makes the GA-2100 special. He has some interesting things to say about the design and provides the kind of insider knowledge he’s known for.

Japan-based Gshock Highfashion takes a look at all three launch models and declares the all-black GA-2100-1A1 his favorite.

Horology House praises the GA-2100, particularly its looks and thin size.

Random Rob examines all three launch models.

Biscuitsalive provides a lot of wrist shots and praises the back-to-basics design.

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Anders Jacobsen
Anders Jacobsen
4 years ago

I’ve just bought the new GA-2100. Unfortunatly the strap is a bit too short for my wrist. Does a longer replacement strap exist?
By the way, the 2100 is so cool!!

4 years ago

One of favorite models yet. Only waiting for a solar and metal band/bezel version.

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