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G-Shock Japan announces 15 new watches for February 2015

G-Shock Japan has 15 new watches for February consisting of 5 models in a variety of colors. The GW-M500F-1CJR (far left) is the familiar Tough Solar/Multiband 6 model and is part of the “Fire Package ’15” line with green lettering which also includes the analog/digital hybrid AWG-M100F-1CJR (far right). The GD-X6900PM series (green) has the large version of the classic round bezel and is available in seven colors of the “Heathered Color Series” which has a coarse, fabric-like look to it and features most primary colors. This model looks to be a very appealing collectible for those who are seeking a classic design with unique colors. It also has a battery life that is rated for ten years. The eighth color featured is the “Polarized Marble Series” which looks like a purple urban camouflage or abstract painting pattern. The pattern is said to be part of a special printing process that changes its look when viewed from different angles, giving it a dynamic appearance. We’re curious if this is as impressive at it sounds. Other models in this color series include the classically shaped DW-5600PM-1JF (above) which has an unusual amount of blank space on the face and the analog/digital GA-110PM-1AJF which also comes in light orange, turquoise, and purple (pictured).

View the complete lineup at G-Shock.jp

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