G-Shock DW-5600SB Color Skeleton Series

G-Shock Color Skeleton Series DW-5600SB-2 DW-5600SB-4

Casio revealed the upcoming G-Shock DW-5600SB Color Skeleton Series at its autumn and winter products show in Japan. This series includes the blue DW-5600SB-2, green DW-5600SB-3, and red DW-5600SB-4 and features “jelly” (or translucent, or semi-transparent) bezels and bands. The faces have a minimalist layout like the basic black DW-5600BB-1 along with a reverse LCD display with a matching colored tint.

In Japan, the DW-5600SB-2JF, DW-5600SB-3JF, and DW-5600SB-4JF will launch in October 2019 and have a list price of 12,000 JPY plus tax. The Color Skeleton Series will likely be a worldwide release.

Casio also posted a picture of the DW-5600SB-2 and DW-5600SB-4 on Twitter, and all three models including the DW-5600SB-3 can be seen at Gizmodo Japan’s post.

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