G-Shock MT-G x Kikuo Ibe MTG-G1000D Watches (Singapore)

G-Shock MT-G x Kikuo Ibe MTG-G1000D-IBED & MTG-G1000D-IBEU

Casio G-Factory stores in Singapore are currently selling two special edition MT-G x Kikuo Ibe watches: the MTG-G1000D-IBED and MTG-G1000D-IBEU. The watches feature G-Shock founder Kikuo Ibe’s motto “Never Give Up” and “by Kikuo Ibe” on the bezel along with Ibe’s signature on the lower part of the watch. This appears to be a Singapore-only release. We’re not exactly sure what the differences are between the two models, but we’re guessing one is based on the MTG-G1000D-1A with a black face and the other is the MTG-G1000D-1A2 with a blue-accented face. The luxury MTG-G1000 series is made at Casio’s top factory in Japan and features GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor timekeeping and Triple G Resist. For more information on pricing and availability, contact or visit your nearest G-Factory store.

Photo via facebook.com/CASIOGSHOCKSingapore

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