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Flagship G-Shock Store in SoHo NYC damaged by looters

On Sunday night, the official G-Shock Store in New York City, also known as the “G-Shock Soho Store,” was heavily damaged by looters who ransacked stores throughout SoHo and Fifth Avenue. It’s not known if the store was looted, or if there was any stock in it, as it was closed since late March due to the pandemic. In photos following the incident, it looks like the store was possibly breached under the security gate. In light of these events, we urge shoppers to make purchases at authorized sellers to avoid the possibility of buying stolen goods. Other G-Shock retailers, including Altivo, Bloomingdales’s, Macy’s, and Zumiez, have also been the targets of looting across the country.

The G-Shock Store is Casio’s flagship G-Shock store in the United States. In addition to carrying the latest watches, it hosts special events, releases exclusive collaborations, and accepts phone orders.

Update: A TikTok video shows looters breaking into and leaving the G-Shock Store. Fortunately, it appears that all the watches may have been removed by G-Shock due to the closing, as most of the looters in the video appear to leave the store empty-handed.

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Update 2: As of July 1, 2020, the G-Shock Soho Store is now open again. It is recommended to place phone orders for in-store pickup.



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3 years ago

Sad to hear. But one thing for sure: there’s a thin line between the genre of peaceful protesters vs. that of the violent, freeloading rioters. And while the former needs to be respected, the latter will need to be separated from the former, weeded out and brought to justice, even via extreme prejudice. In a civilized society, there’s simply no place for thieves like those!!

As for any stolen merchandise eg. expensive Casio timepieces, is there a way to track them by serial numbers etc.?

3 years ago

Really sad ..

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