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G-STEEL GST-B400CD-1A3 may look different than you expect

The G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B400CD-1A3 is the first G-STEEL model with a green ion plated bezel. The color looks pretty straightforward in the catalog images, but some photos and videos show that the bezel can sometimes have more of a blue or blue-green appearance. Rather than the consistent green color of the “Hulk” Submariner’s ceramic bezel, the bezel on the GST-B400CD-1A3 has a more dynamic appearance that can change hues, depending on the surrounding light and viewing angle.

Wrist Shotter was the first to feature the GST-B400CD-1A3 on YouTube and has some nice wrist shots showing the watch from different angles.

Kawashima also has a video displaying the GST-B400CD-1A3 from various angles.

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