G-Shock GA2110SU-3A Unboxing by Christine Jewellers

Richmond, B.C.-based Christine Jewellers has many G-Shock unboxing videos on its YouTube channel, with the latest featuring the G-Shock GA2110SU-3A.

Unboxing videos can be a useful shopping tool, since some people may want to see what the watch looks like in a realistic setting, as it is sometimes hard to judge what a watch will truly look like just from the official catalog and promo photos. (Some colors and finishes end up looking different in real life.) Some unboxing videos also show the backlight, lume, and wrist shots, which can also be useful to shoppers who do not have the opportunity to see the watch in person.

The GA2110SU-3A has a double-molded case with a black bezel that contrasts with the olive green of the body and band. The green markers match the case and band and provide a nice contrast to the black dial.

As most people know, the GA-2100 series, which is currently the slimmest G-Shock model, was a huge success last year, and models like the GA-2100-1A1 are still sold out. The new GA2110SU-3A sold out on Gshock.com recently, and some other retailers are taking pre-orders in anticipation of the high demand.

For those who like the look of the GA2110SU-3A but would prefer a digital model, the DW-5610SU-3 offers the same double-molded bezel style and colors.

Christine Jewellers interviewed Kikuo Ibe in 2019 and their next unboxing video next G-Shock unboxing video will feature the G-Shock DW6900SP-7 on March 14.

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