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The Good Timekeeping Show with Greg Anderson

The Good Timekeeping Show might not have the flash and swagger of other YouTube channels these days, but that’s not a bad thing. Greg Anderson is obviously not a bandwagon hopper, as he is a long-time Casio fan with an enviable G-Shock collection. He, and his videos, are clear, calm, and informative.

A few years ago, Greg started publishing in-depth G-Shock watch reviews regularly, and he recently posted a bunch of diagnostics videos, which show you how to access the hidden diagnostic modes on popular digital models. There are also other informational videos, such as “Quartz Watch Accuracy” and “Casio G-Shock Hand Alignment Fix“. Greg also reviews Pro Trek and other Casio watches.

Watch The Good Timekeeping Show at Greg Anderson – Elmer the Clep on YouTube. View a list all videos here.


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Matt Josephson
Matt Josephson
2 years ago

I’ve been binge watching Greg Anderson’s videos for about 6 months now. He has a great enthusiasm for Casio watches and I’ve taken his advice on many watches.

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