First-time G-Shock buyer Just the Watch reviews GA-2110SU-9A

Dave of YouTube channel Just the Watch reviews the G-Shock GA-2110SU-9A, the other GA-2110 model, featuring a double-molded resin case with a yellow body and black bezel. (The GA-2110SU-9A was not released in the U.S., but it is being released in Europe and Australia.)

As the watch is his first G-Shock purchase ever, Dave gives some insight into why the GA-2100/2110 series has such a broad and mainstream appeal. This has led to it selling extremely well, to the point of a severe shortage of some of the launch models from last year.

Dave gives a thorough and balanced review of the watch, and he also puts it through a lume test with other watch brands.

I won’t summarize everything that Dave says, most of which applies to other GA-2100 models too, but here are some things I noticed from the video that haven’t been mentioned on G-Central before:

• The GA-2110SU-9A looks a bit brighter in real world settings than it does in the original promo photos. It has a matte finish and is not as bright yellow as some of the yellow 5600 models of the past, but it is more of a normal yellow than the mustard-like yellow it appeared to be in the original images.

• The GA-2110SU-9A, as well as the GA-2110SU-3A and GA-2100SU-1A (according to other videos), has a stainless steel buckle and tongue, like the GA-2000-1A and unlike the blacked out GA-2100-1A1 and all-red GA-2100-4A, which have a resin buckle and tongue. (The GA-2100-1A1 buckle may appear to be metal, but it is actually silver-colored resin. A resin buckle isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I’ve been wearing the GA-2100-1A1 regularly without any problems.)

• The lume on the hands of the GA-2110SU-9A appears to be much better than the lume on the blackout GA-2100-1A1, which doesn’t last very long. If lume quality and duration is a concern, the GA-2100-1A1 (black with white markers) and the three new SU models (including the GA-2110SU-9A) are probably the best choice.

Just the Watch focuses on affordable watches and collecting on a budget. We hope to see more G-Shock watches there in the future!

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