Square G-Shock Buying Guide videos by Watch Geek

DW-5000, DW-5600, G-5600, GW-M5610, GW-S5610, GW-5000. Long-time and obsessive G-Shock fans will be familiar with all of these “square” models. If you are new to G-Shock and these codes confuse you, fear not, as Youtuber Watch Geek has created the “Square G-Shock buying guide – Part 1 – 5600 & 5000” video that presents the history and range of the square 5000-5600 line. Watch Geek covers the distinguishing features of each series including some significant Japan-only models and some lesser-known ones in “Square G-Shock buying guide – Part 2 – weird ones 🙂” (premiering 28 October).

As 2018 is the 35th Anniversary of G-Shock, there has been a lot of attention on square models with many limited edition releases along with all-new models like the Bluetooth-equipped GMW-B5000 and GW-B5600. Referred to as “square” because of the bezel shape, the 5000-5600 line is also known as the “Origin Series” since the exterior case has the same design as the first-ever G-Shock DW-5000.

Also recommended is Watch Geek’s “G-Shock 6900 Line Buying Guide” video which covers another iconic G-Shock line. Watch Geek will also be reviewing the GW-B5600 soon and has many other G-Shock guides and reviews.

Watch Geek also added the excellent “G-Shock history – 1984 – 1995 – squares” video:

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Watch Geek
Watch Geek
4 years ago

Thanks for featuring me again

3 years ago

Is the band and bezel of G-5600 is the same with any DW-5600 models?

3 years ago
Reply to  Shahriman
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