New G-Shock Fan Channel: Gsyoku

Now that most of us should be staying home as much as possible, it’s a good opportunity to discover some new YouTube channels.

Gsyoku is a Malaysia-based, English-language G-Shock fan channel that launched a few months ago. There is already a nice selection of videos available, including unboxings of unusual limited edition watches, like the China-only GST-W300CX-4APFM Lunar New Year edition (seen below), and informational videos, inlcuding how to charge solar watches with a photo lightbox and how the various backlights work. In one of the “mailtime” videos, the channel gives a good look at the G-Shock Singapore G-Book, a very nice promotional and collector’s item.

The channel sometimes provides links to purchase limited editions like the GST-W300CX-4APFM, which can be very difficult to find through the usual sources. The channel’s production quality is impressive, and an upcoming giveaway is already in the works.

Visit Gsyoku on YouTube

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