Watch Geek replaces the short recessed adjust button of the DW-5000 (also on DW-5600 and GW-5000)


If you’re a first-time buyer of a G-Shock DW-5600, DW-5000, or GW-5000, you might think that there is something wrong with the adjust (upper left) button and the way its position is recessed in comparison to the other buttons. It’s actually supposed to be like that because the button part is shorter, and it’s not the result of being stuck or damaged. This is presumably to prevent accidental pressing (and maybe to signify the button’s purpose), but the shorter button makes it a lot harder to press than the other buttons, and like YouTuber Watch Geek points out, this is not only an issue when adjusting the time but also when resetting the stopwatch and timer. (The adjust buttons on other squares like the GW-M5610, GW-B5600, GMW-B5000 are not recessed and problematic.)

Watch Geek takes it upon himself to replace the short adjust button on his DW-5000SL-1 with a spare intended for the other buttons and shows the process of replacing it. It doesn’t look very difficult if you’re comfortable with removing the module, and Watch Geek happily reports that the modification was successful and that the button is now easier to press compared to the original button.

View “I FIXED the recessed buton from HELL on my G-Shock square!!” by Watch Geek (

The end result with a longer adjust button:

Watch Geek fixes the short recessed button of the DW-5000 (also DW-5600 and GW-5000)

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