Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500 with Solar Power and Traditional Style

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500 MSG-S500-7A MSG-S500G-1A MSG-S500G-7A

The Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500 series is a February 2020 release for Japan and Asia. This solar-powered watch for women has a traditional style that includes a full analog display with three hands, a screw lock crown, and a date display for the day of the month. Other features include shock resistance, 100-meter water resistance, mineral glass, and low battery alert. The watch can run for about 5 months on a full charge.

The debut models include the MSG-S500-7A with a blush resin band and silver stainless steel bezel and case, the MSG-S500G-1A with a black resin band and rose gold IP stainless steel bezel and case, and the MSG-S500G-7A with a white resin band and gold IP stainless steel bezel and case. The MSG-S500 has a relatively thin form factor with dimensions of 42.4 x 37.1 x 10.5 millimeters and a weight of 37 grams. This is 1.8 millimeter thinner than the MSG-S200.

The solar power system on the MSG-S500 is not “Tough Solar” like the MSG-S200, with the difference appearing to be a shorter run time (5 months versus 11 months on a full charge, but this shouldn’t be much of a concern if the watch is regularly exposed to light and kept fully charged) and the lack of a power saving function.

In Japan, the MSG-S500-7AJF has a list price of 24,000 JPY, and the MSG-S500G-1AJF and MSG-S500G-7AJF have a list price of 26,000 JPY each. The series is also expected to be released worldwide.

Update: All three models will be released in other Asian countries. Casio America announced the rose gold G-MS MSGS500G-1A under the G-Shock brand for a March release in the U.S., with a list price of US$220. Casio America also has the silver MSGS500-7A listed for US$180. Europe is getting all three models (MSG-S500-7AER, MSG-S500G-1AER, and MSG-S500G-7AER). Casio America also released the gold MSGS500G-7A with a list price of $220.

Update 2: Three new models were announced for October 2020 in Japan and Asia (pictured below): the navy blue MSG-S500G-2A2, olive green MSG-S500G-3A, and brown MSG-S500G-5A. The MSGS500G-2A2 and MSGS500G-5A are also U.S. releases with a list price of $220 each.

navy blue MSG-S500G-2A2, olive green MSG-S500G-3A, and brown MSG-S500G-5A

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500-7A: Silver stainless steel bezel and pink resin band.

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500-7A

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-1A: Rose gold IP stainless steel bezel and black resin band.

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-1A

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-7A: Gold IP stainless steel bezel and white resin band.

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-7A

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-2A2: Blue IP stainless steel bezel and blue resin band.

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-3A: Olive green IP stainless steel bezel and olive green resin band.

Baby-G G-MS MSG-S500G-5A: Brown IP stainless steel bezel and brown resin band.

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