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BGD-565KT-7 collab commemorates Baby-G 30th and Hello Kitty 50th anniversaries

Baby-G BGD-565KT-7 Hello Kitty 50th and Baby-G 30th Anniversaries

The Baby-G BGD-565KT-7 is a collaboration with Sanrio that is based on the the 1970s version of Hello Kitty. The white watch has a minimalist display style, featuring a red bow on the upper right corner of the face. The band has two rings around it in red and blue and is printed with various expressions of Kitty. The band keeper has a bow cutout, and the LED backlight displays Kitty’s face when activated. The watch commemorates the 30th anniversary of Baby-G and the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty, both of which are noted on the stainless steel case back along with an image of Kitty’s head with a clock face.

Hello Kitty was created in 1974 by illustrator Yuko Shimizu and made its first appearance in 1975 on a vinyl coin purse. The Baby-G BGD-565 is modeled after the original G-Shock style and features a smaller size than the previous BGD-560, measuring 42.1 x 37.9 x 11.3 millimeters and weighing 30 grams.

In Japan, the BGD-565KT-7JR will be released on January 19 with a tax-included price of 15,950. It is also expected to be released outside of Japan.

Update: Reeds Jewelers has the BGD565KT-7 available for pre-ordering for $140 (link below) with shipping scheduled for late January. The watch is also expected to be available at casio.com/us soon.

Baby-G BGD-565KT-7

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Baby-G BGD-565KT-7 Band

Baby-G BGD-565KT-7 LED Backlight

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