Casio MTPB145DC21V, traditional unisex watch with Tiffany-like blue dial, launched in United States

Just in time for Valentine’s Day is the Casio MTPB145DC21V, which is another traditionally styled watch with a Tiffany-like turquoise blue dial. This compact model is made of stainless steel with dimensions of 40 x 35 x 7.4 millimeters and a weight of 82 grams, making it suitable for both men and women. It appears to be almost identical to the MTP-B145D-2A1V ( which was previously released in Asia and Europe. The only difference that we noticed is the innermost portion of the ring surrounding the dial appears to be a dark gray on the MTPB145DC21V and a lighter whitish color on the MTP-B145D-2A1V, but this is not so apparent at a distance. Both models share the same module and specifications. The MTPB145DC21V has a mineral glass display, 50-meter water resistance, date display, and approximate 3-year battery life. Also released in the U.S. were the MTPB145D22VT with a blue dial and the MTPB145D-4VT with a pink dial. Each model has a price of $94.95.

The MTPB145DC21V has a classic retro style that is similar to the Tissot PRX which is also available in a smaller 35-millimeter version like this. The MTPB145DC21V could be a good choice for men with a wrist size of around 6.5 inches or smaller. While G-Shock fans may be accustomed to wearing larger watches, there are popular men’s watches like the Rolex Explorer and Tudor Black Bay that are available in smaller sizes (36mm in those cases).

We expect this watch to be popular like the larger (38.5mm-wide) MTP-1302PD-2A2V, but perhaps not quite as popular to the point where it sells out regularly like that model. (The similar MTP-B145D-2A1V has been readily available in Asia and Europe recently.)

MTPB145DC21V (left) Versus MTP-B145D-2A1V (right)

MTPB145DC21V Versus MTP-B145D-2A1V

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