Casio Singapore Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) For New Year 2020

From 18 January to 18 February, Casio Singapore will be offering fukubukuro (lucky bags) for S$188 each at its G-Shock boutique stores. These gift bags are inspired by the Japanese New Year custom in which merchants fill grab bags with mystery contents and offer the bags at a discount.

The bags will have a retail worth of $250 to $850, with the possibility to receive a bag containing a full-metal G-Shock GMW-B5000 watch. Each bag will contain one G-Shock or Edifice watch, and according to the promotional image, other items that might be in the bag include clothing accessories, a G-Shock bag, 1 gram of fine gold, hongbao (red envelope), a “Game Changer” pendant, and G-Shock vouchers and reward points.

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G-Shock Singapore Fukubukuro Lucky Bag 2020

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