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SG: 2x Points for G-Shock Women, Baby-G, Sheen Purchases

Baby-G Tote BagIn celebration of International Women’s Day, Casio Singapore is offering 2x points on G-Shock Women, Baby-G, and Sheen watch purchases at official G-Shock stores, from 6-8 March 2020. Purchases of those brands at the Isetan Scotts shop during 5-8 March will receive the 2x points and also a Baby-G tote bag. For more information, visit g-shock.sg.

G-Shock Women includes the S Series, which includes the GMA-B800 with a step tracker and Bluetooth smartphone link. Baby-G includes a wide range of models, including the refined G-MS series.

To earn points, sign up for a free membership at g-shock.sg. Reward points can be used to redeem cash G-vouchers or gifts available in the rewards catalog on the G-Shock Singapore app and website. (The rewards catalog currently has cash vouchers only.) Members also receive birthday G-vouchers and exclusive offers.

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