Collector Videos: Gi-Shock-Go gets the illuminated G-Shock case, Mike835 Top 10 DW-6900 Collaborations

Gi-Shock-Go was able to obtain an illuminated G-Shock case for the Flourescent Color Skeleton Series, which we first saw on kmho888’s Instagram. The clear plastic case doubles as a display stand and is an official promotional item that comes with select models in China. It has an electronic theme and LED lights that give off serious Tron vibes. Several light colors can be selected, and there is a mode that continuously cycles through all the colors. The battery for the lights is rechargeable via micro USB cable. The case is still available online in China here (DW-5600 and DW-6900 models) and here (GA-110 models), but we don’t know of any shipping agents (or forwarding services) for China that we can recommend.

(We later noticed that Gsyoku made a video about the illuminated case earlier.)

OG G-Shock YouTuber Mike835 is back with more watch videos. His two latest videos feature some interesting G-Shock collaboration watches. He is starting a new Top 10 series, with the first video being his top ten favorite DW-6900 collaborations.

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