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‘G-SHOCK’ book by Ariel Adams to be released September 2023

Update: The cover of the book has been updated.

G-Shock Book By Ariel Adams

A hardcover book titled “G-SHOCK” by Ariel Adams is currently available for pre-orders at several retailers and will be released later this year. The 256-page book published by Rizzoli celebrates the story of G-Shock and includes the brand’s technological history, behind-the-scenes photos from the G-Shock headquarters in Japan, interviews with collectors, and advertisements and collaborations with various individuals and entities.

Ariel Adams is the founder of the popular watch site aBlogtoWatch and a life-long G-Shock and Casio fan. As an early supporter of G-Shock on the web, his site was the first of the big watch collector sites to regularly cover and review G-Shock watches alongside luxury watch brands. Based on Adams’ genuine fandom and enthusiasm for the brand which is apparent in his articles and reviews, we expect the “G-SHOCK” book to be a must-have item for serious fans and collectors. While there have been some previous English language books devoted solely to G-Shock, this is the first one that is a hardcover and from an American source.

The “G-SHOCK” book has a list price of $65 and will be released on September 26, 2023, with pre-orders now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.

“G-SHOCK” Book by Ariel Adams at Rizzoli New York

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"G-SHOCK" Book by Ariel Adams published by Rizzoli


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