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G-Shock China Gift Box Giveaway with 2100-Inspired Octagonal Silver Ring

G-Shock China is hosting an online Weibo promotion with Studious Tokyo and Stream. Fans who follow the G-Shock Weibo account and retweet and comment on the giveaway post will have a chance to win a limited gift box set that includes a silver (S925) ring (of a random color), t-shirt, and necklace. The drawing takes place on August 29 at 14:00. The ring is inspired by the octagonal bezel of the G-Shock 2100 series and features the familiar shape of the corner ridges of the watch and a button shape as part of the design.

The ring also has a G-Shock logo on it, along with the logos of the two partnering brands. The t-shirt has a G-Shock logo on the front chest and a unique design with the ring on the back.

G-Shock China and Studious Tokyo Gift Box

G-Shock China and Studious Tokyo Gift Box Giveaway with GA-2100-inspired Silver Ring

G-Shock China and Studious Tokyo T-Shirt

G-Shock China and Studious Tokyo Gift Box Bag

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1 year ago

How can we join the giveaway from the UK?

1 year ago
Reply to  G-Central

Good for Chinese fan

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