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G-Shock G-STEEL GST-W100G-1BJF and GST-W110BD-1BJF


Japan has two new G-Shock G-STEEL models based on the GST-W100 and GST-W110 Tough Solar models with Multi-Band 6 radio sync timekeeping. The GST-W100G-1BJF and GST-W110BD-1BJF are basic black models featuring a black IP on the bezel and case. The GST-W100G-1BJF has a resin band and the GST-W110BD-1BJF has a metal band with black IP. The watches feature neo-brite luminous white hands for easy viewing and also have a double LED light. Retail price is ¥40,000 JPY for the GST-W100G-1BJF and ¥57,000 JPY for the GST-W110BD-1BJF.

Update: Casio also announced the Tough Solar G-STEEL GST-S100G-1B and GST-S110BD-1B models without Multi-Band 6 for release outside of Japan.


GST-W100G-1BJF on Amazon GST-W100G-1BJF on eBay


GST-W110BD-1BJF on Amazon GST-W110BD-1BJF on eBay

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4 years ago

Why do they release these without multi-band 6 outside of Japan. I have purchased a Japan model, but I don’t understand why they do this

4 years ago
Reply to  David

I agree. It would be simpler and more desirable to offer the same models worldwide. My guess is that they feel the Multi-Band 6 feature is not as important to the U.S. market, that buyers wouldn’t want to pay more for that feature.