G-Shock GA-B2100SBC Subcrew collab includes fingerboard and mini halfpipe

G-Shock GA-B2100SBC Subcrew Collaboration Set with Fingerboard and Mini Halfpipe

The G-Shock GA-B2100SBC set is a China-based collaboration with Hong Kong skateboarding brand Subcrew that was limited to 40 pieces. This release was one of eight collaborations with various brands using the solar and Bluetooth-equipped G-Shock GA-B2100 and released via contests. While the watch itself only has an exclusive band print (with a stock GA-B2100-1A bezel and display), this collaboration is perhaps the most interesting of the bunch, given Subscrew’s previous history of G-Shock collaborations and the inclusion of a unique fingerboard and mini halfpipe set. A G-Shock 40th Anniversary logo adorns the center of the wooden halfpipe.

The GA-B2100SBC set is currently available from Hong Kong-based Elite TimepieceHK for HK$3,986 (about US$510), with international shipping available.

GA-B2100SBC Set at elite-timepiecehk.com

G-Shock GA-B2100SBC Subscrew Collaboration

G-Shock GA-B2100SBC Box

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