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G-Shock GST-B200TJ-1A & MTG-B1000TJ-1A Tai Chi Editions

The “TJ” of the G-Shock GST-B200TJ-1A and MTG-B1000TJ-1A stands for “taiji,” or tai chi as it is commonly known in the west, which in this case means the Chinese cosmological concept for the flux of yin and yang.

These limited edition watches feature a design by Chen Yingjie, a Chinese artist influenced by both oriental ink painting and western street art. The concept of these two models is “formless” tai chi, with tai chi representing change and the flow of time. To express this concept, the watches feature a black IP coating on the stainless steel case parts and a printing of Chen Yingjie’s art on the band.

Both models feature a carbon fiber reinforced inner case, exterior stainless steel parts, Tough Solar power, and Bluetooth smartphone link. The MTG-B1000TJ-1A also has Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment and a sapphire crystal, and the GST-B200TJ-1A also has an STN LCD display.

In Japan, the GST-B200TJ-1AJR (list price 62,700 JPY tax included), and MTG-B1000TJ-1AJR (121,000 JPY tax included) are May 2020 releases.

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G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B200TJ-1A GST-B200TJ-1AJR Tai Chi Edition

G-Shock G-STEEL MT-G MTG-B1000TJ-1A:

G-Shock MT-G MTG-B1000TJ-1A MTG-B1000TJ-1AJR Tai Chi Edition

Photos via news.mynavi.jp

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