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Custom G-Shock GA-2100 watches by Shaka Builds: “SKA INK” and “Helios One”

SKA INK Custom G-Shock GA-2100 by Shaka Builds

Spain-based Romanian watch modder Shaka has revealed his latest creation. The “SKA INK” is a custom translucent G-Shock GA-2100 with a painted dial and case in the style of a hand-drawn ink illustration. The concept is reminiscent of the Yu Nagaba and Beams DW-5600 collaboration from 2018 that resembles an illustration coming to life, and the three-dimensional dial on the GA-2100 gives this custom design some extra pop. Shaka Builds has created other custom G-Shocks which can be seen on @shakadrop.builds on Instagram, including watches inspired by Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Shaka sells some watches at the Shaka Builds Etsy Store (but they do not include a warranty, as they are unofficial modded watches). Shaka stated on Reddit that the “SKA INK” will be sold there soon. Currently available is the “Helios One” inspired by the sun, space, and science fiction. Along with a hand-painted dial, the watch also has Swiss Super-LumiNova lume as part of the design on the dial and case.

Shaka Builds "SKA INK" Custom G-Shock GA-2100

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9 months ago

Oh, wow. Didn’t expect this. Thank you for the nice words.
Sadly yeah, most of the watches on my etsy page are sold out, but i’ll keep posting there every time i finish something new.

I can provide a better picture, i know this still from a video is maybe not the best quality.

PS. I’m Romanian, but i do live in Spain.

Thank you again.

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