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G-Shock Italy offering Year of the Tiger strap artwork

In celebration of Chinese New Year 2022, the G-Shock Corso Como store in Milan, Italy, is offering a unique customization for G-Shock straps until February 15. The limited edition Year of the Tiger icon was created by artist Patrick Eduardo and is designed to be placed on the upper band (in some undisclosed manner, perhaps by a printer). This is the first time we’ve seen such an offer from an official G-Shock store. It’s not entirely clear if a new purchase is required, or if customers can bring in an existing watch for this service.


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Joakim Ågren
Joakim Ågren
2 years ago

They charge 25 Euro to do this for the black model and 30 Euro for the transparent model so this is a service maybe only for the CasioOak? and apparently they have a rather limited supply of applicators so not many will be made. I know that for really strong and lasting prints on PUR resin it needs to be done when the resin is still soft at the factory so this print will not be very durable for daily wear or for swimming etc.

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