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G-Shock GA-110CCA21-4PFC Tiger Year Artist Collab for China

G-Shock GA-110CCA21-4PFC Tiger Year Wipe The Chairman 1983 Artist Collaboration in China

The G-Shock GA-110CCA21-4PFC is another Year of the Tiger-themed limited edition for China. The watch is a collaboration with artist 擦主席1983 (Wipe The Chairman) and comes in exclusive packaging with a tiger doll. The red GA-110 has pink, purple, and gold dial accents with blue with red-tinted inverted LCD displays. A tiger text logo takes the place of the usual Casio logo at the 3 o’clock position. Tiger stripes adorn the band, along with stylized “tiger year” and “in me the tiger sniffs the rose” English text. The watch also has a gold buckle and an engraved “tiger year” stainless steel case back.

The GA-110CCA21-4PFC will be available in China on December 15 for 1,390 yuan.

G-Shock  GA-110CCA21-4PFC Box and Tiger Doll

G-Shock  GA-110CCA21-4PFC Band

 GA-110CCA21-4PFC Case Back

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