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G-Shock Polarized Black Series to be released in USA

DW5600PM-1 GDX6900PM-1 and GA110PM-1A

America will be getting the G-Shock Polarized Black Series which was previously announced in Japan as the Polarized Marble Series. The U.S. press release has no mention of the special printing process or the dynamic, ever-changing pattern that had us intrigued but it is described as “an electrifying look with shades of piercing blues and purples that seamlessly dissolve into one another.” G-Street has described the look as “shimmering” so we’re hopeful these watches look as good in person as they sound (click image for high-resolution version). The Polarized Black Series will be available in March at authorized outlets and the retail prices are $170 for the GA110PM-1A (left), $120 for the DW5600PM-1 (center), and the $150 for the GDX6900PM-1 (right).

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