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Full carbon G-Shock GCW-B5000 is a GW-5000 killer: Limited GCW-B5000UN-1 and GCW-B5000UN-6 for 40th Anniversary

G-Shock GCW-B5000 Full Carbon with Forged Carbon Bezel and Band

Casio announced the full carbon G-Shock GCW-B5000 series to be released in November 2023. (The U.S. press release stated that the series would be released on November 9, but it is not available for pre-ordering at Casio.com at the moment. The Japan release date is November 28, with online reservations to begin on November 11. Update: Reeds Jewelers is now accepting pre-orders in the U.S. with shipping expected at the end of November, see links below. Pre-orders at Casio.com are expected to begin soon.)

The two launch models are the black GCW-B5000UN-1 and the purple GCW-B5000UN-6, with both being 40th Anniversary limited editions costing $2,000 each. In short, these models are basically a full carbon version of the GMW-B5000. The distinguishing characteristics are a Carbon Core Guard structure with a bezel and band made of forged carbon, a carbon monocoque case, and a sapphire glass display. The result is a very low total weight of 65 grams, which is nine grams lighter than the GW-5000 (resin bezel and band with stainless steel case) and twelve grams heavier than the DW-5600 (full resin). The lightness is also very apparent when compared to the full stainless steel GMW-B5000 (167 grams) and titanium GMW-B5000T (104-106 grams) models. Adding to the low weight are an inner ring and buttons made of titanium. The dimensions are 49.1 x 45 x 14.5 millimeters, making it slightly wider and thicker than the GMW-B5000 which is 49.3 x 43.2 x 13. The GCW-B5000 uses a new module (3543), which has the same functions as the GMW-B5000 module, including Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 auto time correction, and Bluetooth smartphone link.

G-Shock GCW-B5000: GCW-B5000UN-1, GCW-B5000UN-6

As previously seen on some of the bezel parts of the Mudmaster GWG-2000, the forged carbon has a distinctive surface pattern that gives each watch a completely unique appearance. The cover of the band clasp is also made of forged carbon, and the folding arm is made of laminated carbon which is resistant to bending. Like the GWG-2000, the GCW-B5000 should be seen in person and under various lighting to be fully appreciated.

GCW-B5000UN-6 Band Folding Clasp

The GCW-B5000UN-6 features a fuchsia-like mixed multicolor style with shades of purple and blue and bright specks that give it a galaxy-like appearance. Casio states that this color is achieved by mixing black carbon fiber, blue and pink colored resin, and powdered opal.

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-6 Studio Shot

When we call this series a “GW-5000 killer,” we don’t mean it wholly, but with the release of these two anniversary models (and the previously released DW-5040PG-1 encroaching on the price range of the GW-5000), it seems very unlikely that a limited GW-5000 model will be released in December. For those who were waiting for a GW-5040, the GCW-B5000 appears to be its replacement, so the GCW-B5000 is more of a limited edition GW-5000 killer. If you were to imagine an upgrade to the GW-5000 in terms of material, structure, and functions, the GCW-B5000 would be it. The GW-5000 is not going away and will remain active, and the standard GW-5000U-1 is available in the U.S. and Europe. With the Bluetooth connectivity and Casio Watches app, the GCW-B5000 offers additional functions over the GW-5000, such as auto and one-touch time correction via the internet, auto summer time (DST) switching, alarm and timer settings on the smartphone app, reminders for important dates, a time & place log, phone finder, and around 300 cities for world time. For full specifications, visit GCW-B5000 in our Specs Catalog.

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1 Case Back

G-Shock GCW-B5000 Promotional Video by Casio


One possible drawback to the GCW-B5000 is that the new monocoque (single shell) case may present more of a challenge to DIYers who prefer to change the rechargeable battery themselves, so this may be a consideration if you don’t have regular access to an authorized service center. The case screws and seal are on the front side of the watch, and it looks like the entire module will need to be removed in order to replace the rechargeable battery. (With a Tough Solar model like this, the battery is expected to usually last around ten years or more.)

G-Shock GCW-B5000 Carbon Monocoque Case

The GCW-B5000 series continues Casio’s trend of offering the style of the first generation G-Shock watch as upscale models with new materials and reengineered structures. These are not your average G-Shock watches, and those looking for more affordable 40th Anniversary squares may want to look into the Recrystallized Series, Remaster Black Series, or Clear Remix Series.

When it comes to the deluxe origin models, the GCW-B5000 occupies the price range between the titanium GMW-B5000T models ($1,800) and the MRG-B5000 ($4,000). The high price of these GCW-B5000 models is due to the manufacturing process which involves high compression molding and also their limited and made-in-Japan status. It’s not known if there will be a standard non-limited release later, but we expect to see more models in the future. Although they are expensive from a functional standpoint, the price does not seem out of line when compared to other forged carbon watches on the market. There has been almost no variation in colors when it comes to carbon watches from other brands, and it will be interesting to see what G-Shock, known for its innovative use of colors and materials, does with this series going forward.

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1

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G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1 Angle

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1 LED Backlight

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-6

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-6

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GCW-B5000UN Box

G-Shock GCW-B5000UN-1 Box

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