G-STEEL GST-B400 Overview Video by Casio UK

The G-STEEL line consists of mid-range G-Shock watches with a stainless steel exterior. The latest GST-B400 model is the slimmest G-STEEL watch yet (12.9 millimeters) and is constructed with a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced inner case. This new video from Casio UK shows how the GST-B400 has the benefits of a digital G-Shock in a stylish hybrid analog design.

Some of the standout features include Tough Solar power for maintenance-free operation and Bluetooth connectivity for easy settings adjustment and automatic time syncing. While a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone improves the functionality and offers more features, it is not required to set up and operate the watch. The home city, time, and date can be adjusted on the watch without using Bluetooth, as well as the alarm and timer settings. Other adjustable settings include power saving, button operation tone, day of the week language, and the date display format.

The U.K. released all four GST-B400 models: the GST-B400-1AER (silver, black resin band, £299), GST-B400AD-1A4ER (silver with black IP bezel and red dial, stainless steel band, £399), GST-B400BD-1A2ER (black IP with blue dial, black IP stainless steel band, £479), GST-B400D-1AER (silver, stainless steel band, £379). G-Shock U.S. released the GSTB400-1A ($320), GSTB400D-1A ($400), and GSTB400BD1A2 ($500). The corresponding GST-B400BD-1A2 models with the blue dial are designated as a limited edition by G-Shock U.K. and U.S.

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