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G-Steel GST-W110BD-1A2JF, GST-W100G-1AJF, GST-W110-1AJF

Like the recently released G-Shock GST-W100D and GST W110D stainless steel band models, the GST-W110BD-1A2JF is a G-Shock G-Steel watch equipped with Tough Solar and Multi-Band 6. It is the standout G-Steel model with a list price of 57,000 Yen (~$478). What distinguishes this watch from the rest of the G-Steel lineup is its handsome black IP coating and blue stainless steel outer bezel. The G-Steel series is also available in less expensive non-Multi-Band 6 versions.

G-Shock G-Steel GST-W110BD-1A2JF with Multi-Band 6

GST-W110BD-1A2JF on Amazon GST-W110BD-1A2JF on eBay

Also available are two resin strap models, the black and gold GST-W100G-1AJF with urethane outer bezel and the black and silver GST-W110-1AJF with stainless steel outer bezel.


GST-W100G-1AJF on Amazon GST-W100G-1AJF on eBay


GST-W110-1AJF on Amazon GST-W110-1AJF on eBay

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