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G-Shock Collector Alert: GW-225E-7JF Frogman and GX-56-1A “King” [Ended]

gw225e-7 25th anniversary glorious gold frogman
If you’ve read some of our buying guides you’ll know we seriously miss the GW-200 Frogman model. Every GW-200 release was a limited edition. Every new Frogman announcement seemed like a major event and there was a sense of urgency surrounding each model. The 25th anniversary of G-Shock in 2008 resulted in some very nice GW-225 releases, including this one, the GW-225E-7JF Glorious Gold edition. This is a stylish translucent white model with gold trim and is available for $375 on eBay with free shipping. This is a good deal considering what some of the GW-225 25th Anniversary Frogs go for. The watch is pre-owned but is “barely used” and looks to be in excellent condition. It includes the Japanese 25th anniversary box which also makes for a good display case. The seller is in Japan and accepts returns.

The GX-56-1A “King G-Shock” is a “love it or hate it” type of watch that got a lot more love after it was discontinued. It’s known for being a large G-Shock at 55.5 x 53.6 x 17.5 mm and it wears big. It looks like an exaggerated manga version of a G-Shock. It’s for people who love big watches, or big people. It’s also for people who want shock protection above and beyond the average G-Shock. It uses Alpha gel plus hard and soft urethane in its over-sized body for extreme shock resistance. The GX-56-1A is also mud resistant and has Tough Solar battery charging. Here is your chance to buy a GX-56-1A for $169.99 on eBay from an actual pawn shop in Connecticut. Take note it is used and has “a slight perfume smell from previous owner.” It looks to be in excellent condition but obviously needs a good cleaning. The GX-56 models have been officially discontinued with no plans to bring them back but the Japanese GXW-56-1AJF and GXW-56-1BJF (which have Multi-Band 6) are still being produced in small quantities. If you can afford to spend a little more we recommend buying a new GXW-56-1AJF or GXW-56-1BJF at Amazon.

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4 years ago


Can I check whats the differences between GXW-56-1AJF and GXW-56-1A? Are they the same?

4 years ago
Reply to  Suzyk

GXW-56-1AJF and GXW-56-1A are the same. GX-56-1A is different (no Multi-Band 6).