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Kawaii Alert: Kyoto Hannaryz mascot wears big G-Shock watch

Kyoto Hannaryz mascot Hannyaryn wears big G-Shock watch

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a sports team mascot wearing a G-Shock watch. Hannyaryn the blue cat is the mascot for the B.League professional basketball team Kyoto Hannaryz, and he loves his new G-Shock. The watch appears to be an oversized DW-5600 made especially for the mascot. Judging by the extremely high-contrast appearance of the display in the video, it doesn’t appear to be a real operational watch, but it’s still fun to see a big cuddly mascot wearing a huge G-Shock.

Hannyaryn has taken to showing off the watch on Twitter and on the basketball court. G-Shock is the official timekeeper of the B.League and released the DW-5600BLG21-1JR collaboration watch earlier this year.

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