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New Girls’ Generation Casio Baby-G 2015 print ad

Girls' Generation SNSD Casio Baby-G Print Ad
One of Casio’s biggest celebrity endorsement deals ever (and quite possibly the biggest) is the Baby-G collaboration with K-pop supergroup Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD). While not quite a household name in the U.S. but familiar to anyone with an interest in Korean pop culture (they were the first Korean music act to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman), the group is absolutely huge throughout all of Asia. The Girls’ Generation and Baby-G pairing started in 2012 with Casio declaring the group the “face of Baby-G” and has resulted in collaboration watches and a barrage of advertisements through various media outlets. Here is a new print ad from Korea featuring all eight members in a beach setting that is currently blowing up on Twitter and Instagram. The ad features analog style Baby-G models BGA-180-3B (gray), BA-111GGA-7A (white), and BA-110SN-1A (black). Girls’ Generation is also promoting Casio’s elegant Sheen line for women which is available in Asia and Europe.

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