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Perimetron UMA x My G-Shock DWE-5610PE Collaboration

Perimetron UMA x My G-Shock DWE-5610PE Collaboration Parts

Casio’s My G-Shock watch customization service in Japan will be offering new parts on September 7 (14:00) in collaboration with the media and design group Perimetron. The theme is based on the group’s “UMA” concept of an unidentified animal born from an egg in the deep sea, and the design takes inspiration from a sea slug. The bezel has a painted appearance with a black marking that matches the face and makes the watch look more rounded at a distance, but on closer inspection it is the normal DWE-5610 shape.

The collaboration also includes exclusive packaging and a case back with the statement “We Bring Everything Back To Life.” The translucent parts will be available in three shades (white, cold white, and skin white) with a total price of 18,700 yen per watch. The parts can be mixed with other colors from the collaboration when purchasing, but not with the standard color options.

Perimetron UMA x My G-Shock at casio.com/jp (Japanese)

Perimetron UMA x My G-Shock DWE-5610PE Box

Perimetron UMA x My G-Shock Promo Video:

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